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A Million Travellers

a million travellers represented as pixels

I’ve recently been interested in the Traveller RPG, in particular, the Mongoose 2nd Edition. The game has some fascinating rules to randomly create characters and worlds. One aspect from the classic game is the use of Universal Personality Profiles, which is a hexadecimal number that expresses characteristics (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) in an ordered sequence ranging from 0 to F. As such, it maps perfectly to hex colors on the web. Here I generated 2,073,600 UPP values and am visualizing them as a pixel each in a 1920×1080 PNG. If you zoom in (may need to download first) there is a lovely pattern of many colors, but if you zoom out they converge on a perceived average value of 777777.

JSON file of Traveller UPP values here (14 mb)

Code here.