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Base Blitz

The 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons often gets a bad rap for being too video gamey with encounters that drag out forever. However, it’s a very elegant and well-designed game that balances combat well, especially playing on a grid. It’s been my feeling that 4e would make an excellent video game. More specifically, 4e would make a great hybrid virtual tabletop/video game. If only a computer could handle the tedious parts to leave players the excitement of tactics! I tried to build just such a piece of software using the PhaserJS framework. I had partial success. I was able to prove that the 4e system lends itself well to this mode of application, but it ended up being too large of a project for me working in my spare time. It’s worth reporting the results. Here’s a quick walk-through of the attempt. You can review the code for this project over on GitHub. The name is inspired by the 4e ‘Lair Assault’ series.