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Distributed Autonomous Organization is an art collective in the form of a distributed autonomous organization on the Ethereum mainnet (token). While it is a traditional DAO started by Matthew Butler (mbutler.dao), one of its goals is to explore alternative NFT production without the use of a blockchain. One way to do this is to establish a standard structure for HTML files that hold certain claims in a JSON web token stored in the document’s metadata. By hashing this structure, a type of content address is created, which can be “owned” as long as the metadata’s claimed owner can prove the public key in the document token belongs to them.

These structures, protocols, and standards are modified through the DAO proposal system, an Aragon app at charmfarm.dao.eth. To join this DAO, send your public ethereum wallet address to and you will receive one CHARM token, which allows that wallet to vote in proposals. All communication is done via email, so be sure to send from an address that is OK to receive email communication. At the time of this writing, mbutler.dao owns all CHARM tokens, but he’s willing to share if you are interested.