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Miranda’s Letter to Dr. Mirage

In 1994, my college roommates and I started playing the game Heroes Unlimited, published by Palladium Books. We’d been reading a lot of comic books and playing the Marvel Super Heroes RPG up until that point and made the jump to Heroes Unlimited after pouring through its catalog-like selection of super powers and gadgetry. It was amazing. Over the course of many years we played through the continuing adventures of Quantum Force – our version of JLA or X-Men. Gourok, Matrix Man, Prowess, Iota-Man, and others filled out its ever-shifting roster. When we finally all moved away to different cities and started having less-and-less time to play online, it became clear to me we needed a grand cosmicĀ Class 5000 level event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our campaign. I ran a lighter version of this for them at GenCon 2009 with characters converted to Mutants & Masterminds and then later collected all of my game notes and compiled them into a voiceover script. I used some extra money from a side job I had just completed and used it to purchase credits at Voice Bunny and found an amazing actor to read the script. I’m really happy with the results and think it capped our adventures nicely.