Nine Art Installations

  1. Gallery visitors feel simulated weather phenomenon generated from data collected by scientific instruments in a local nature preserve
  2. Puppeteers control real mollusk “puppets” through office equipment. Simple stage directions are translated into electrical impulses
  3. Visitors can harvest virtual organs of a simulated cadaver by scanning barcodes. Virtual organs can then be reassembled to form new bodies
  4. An interactive event using metaphors from Polish trade union propaganda as the interface for a fictional survival gear catalog
  5. Video game fetuses roam a mathematical landscape made from topology theorems and unsolved calculus problems
  6. Artists take over a government numbers station and broadcast idealized and real body measurements as encrypted code
  7. Visitors view imaginary 3D landscapes through a coin-operated tourist binoculars that double as VR goggles. The landscapes slowly mutate.
  8. Visitors control the gallery audio of the Elvis Presley song “I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling” by rolling on a pressure-sensitive velvet rug
  9. Industrial horns control a 3D printer that outputs improbable human bones