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Passwords to the Laser Lab

Proof-of-concept for a 12″ vinyl record. Record should be part of an abandoned vinyl Collection left in the common space in a large House which will accommodate at least 9 housemates. Listener should be the first housemate to move in at the beginning of July and have at least a week alone in the house to find Record in Collection. The windows of House should be open with the sound of distant lawnmowers intermingling with the sound of the playing Record. The Record should be played on a small player sitting directly on a wooden floor. There should be a smell of linseed oil coming from some place in the House. That night, Listener will play another Record from Collection and it should be Jazz, Classical, or Spoken Word. There should be no internet or televsion in the House, but a telephone connection is allowed.

matthew_butler ยท Passwords to the Laser Lab