The Zirconian Manifesto

In response to the rise in Synthetic Arts and AI being banned from most Art communities.
Model & decoder settings
Model: sizegpt2/large
Top-p: 0.9
Temperature: 1
Max time: 1
Prompt: “The Zirconian Manifesto Art is”

The Zirconian Manifesto.

Art is not dead – it is the future. If art was just a thing we could all sit back and enjoy , then we might not be so interested in the future. Fake things we see on the internet, or fake pictures we see on the internet, can be used to influence us and to manipulate us. Is art going to be able to do that? Or is it going to be something that can be found only by hard work, research, and dedication? Paintings, drawings , sculptures, etc. are created by people. They are not manufactured. Artists make it for us. They have no outside help or control over how they make it. Photographs taken by humans are not created by machines or computers. Reality is what exists in us, not what ‘s in a machine. Should we be surprised that people create something and we all laugh at it because we can see the difference between it and reality ? We cannot be certain until they have gone through the process themselves.