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I have recently been very interested in Truth as a value premise. Not True in a boolean sense of it being opposite of False, but true in the sense that it is counter to fake. What is true? What is fake? Can something or someone be true and fake simultaneously? I created this app (based on itty-bitty) that asks the user to say something that can never be edited or deleted. By using Truth, the user submits a link online. That link is the message itself. If the link is copied by anyone then the message is copied. It can be archived forever. For extra credit, it’s suggested the message is cryptographically signed so that the user’s identity can always be ensured.

The app compresses the users message using the Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm and then base64 encodes the string and stores it in a data URI. This means the link to the message is the message itself. It is suggested the message is cryptographically signed to ensure trust.

The Truth Manifesto

A farewell message from a bot murdered by a corporate entity in the year 2018.