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Ghost Ops Family Planning

Ghost Ops Family Planning – generated with GPT-2

For almost 20 years I’ve been generating books with various pieces of software. I’ve published most of these as short run paperback books as Intermedia Writing Systems, a very small press in Iowa City. From Babble! to Open Wound, it’s been fun to see the mangled hodge¬∑podge of text in these books. In February of this year, OpenAI released GPT-2, a sophisticated language model that generates very realistic looking text that for the most part is semantically and syntactically correct. Using GPT-2, I have generated a short synthetic novella (though taken full authorial credit, of course) about a man and woman who seem to be subjected to government mind-control techniques… I think. Read it and decide for yourself!

Because I couldn’t generate the entire book at once and have it hold together with a plot, I created a page at a time, with the ending of one page as the model’s input text for the next. Sometimes I took a single sentence and other times I used an entire paragraph, it all depended on if I needed to pick up names or other important details. I then did standard copy editing on the entire text. I manually created paragraphs since the raw output had none and in some cases I changed proper names for consistency. Buy Now style 2 button