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Friday, July 7th, 2006

A mashup of two open source projects: OSdate and the the d20 system. launch site


Friday, April 9th, 2004

Originally produced in May 2003 for Spatial Intersections at the University of Iowa Museum of Art seminar version performed for Version>04 Invisible Networks based on the book ALLOY Listen to the sountrack Watch the Quicktime version Dully Servant (Soviet No-Gang Shriners) reads from the twisted linguistic cosmology of >KIND TRICKS as [tele-psychic puppet] action-script for […]

Evil Genius Super System

Friday, January 9th, 2004

You can download the EGSS .pdf manual for free here. access the secret tech area for free! first, a testimonial: “A little over two years ago I was a pathetic slob. I had no money, friends or a future. Every night I’d set my alarm for 9:00 AM desperately hoping that tomorrow was finally going […]

Elfprize: even more poor taste!

Saturday, July 12th, 2003

(Elfprize is now offline. It is being archived here.) This project was the final culmination of a 13 year exloration of the world of get-rich-quick schemes. In high school I sent away for John Wright’s “The Royal Road To Riches,” a home-publishing business that suggested the easiest way to become a millionare was to reprint […]

The Markov Chain Gang

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Download the script for the pilot episode chain gang theory: The Markov Chain Gang are t.v. characters trapped behind the show’s wall of fiction, fighting to escape through ruptures in the script’s disjointed writing. Language is being eaten by the myriad stochastic computer processes constantly at work in our culture-system. Television viewers have matured or […]

Psychic Cheese

Friday, May 9th, 2003

( is currently offline. You may access the archive here.) You can download the Psychic Cheese .pdf manual for free here. Psychic Cheese is a quirky piece of online fiction that expresses the desire for personal transformation. Blending self-help rhetoric with tongue-in-cheek metaphysics, the pseudo-corporate interface allows the user to “level up” their psychic abilities […]


Friday, May 11th, 2001

View the Quicktime version warning: 18.3 mb file Sarsenworld is a theoretical video game that explores the concept of “death” in a blurred distinction between fact and fiction. It’s a game-world where players can sacrifice their life and be reborn inside the game. The strange, paranormal interface allows players to control their characters “on the […]